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21 Shining Evenstar
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Constantly being updated, links to other sites, facts and information, nominate your site for an award, caption contest, friendly Webmiss!
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22 Tolkien Library
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Tolkien Library: A descriptive and illustrated guide to collecting Tolkien books. A Tolkien books store for the serious Tolkien Collector
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Updates, Etc.

9/13/10- Yes, I am totally still around. :o) Thank you everyone for your new submissions! Sadly, today I did have to go through and delete all the sites that are no more... *sigh* Also, I tweaked the layout since an update from my host was making it look all wacky! ~ Tabi Tinuviel

3/21/08- Hey, I'm alive!!! It's been nearly 2 years since my last "update", but I have been maintaining TTT all the way up to the present moment. I just haven't told you about it! TTT just got a spiffy new layout; I hope you like it. Also, I am "pruning" the sites listed, deleting all the dead ones. God bless you! ~ Tabi Tinuviel

4/20/06- A new layout!!! The image was made for me by the loveliest Aly. Thank you!!! ~ Tabi Tinuviel

1/11/06- Upon discovering that the old Tinuviel Top Ten listing had ceased to work, I set about to create a new one with a different host. Like it? Hopefully it will continue to serve us better than the old one! Sorry for any inconveniences caused! ~ Tabi Tinuviel

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